What Do Patients Say?

Patients/Clients/Renovians have ranged in age from a few days old to late 90’s! Some patients also included dogs, cats, horses and most recently a boar/pig at a friends barn.  I know the session and healing is done because the animal will give me a “look” of saying “thanks, I needed that” and get back to their business or grunt off to sleep.  Some animals have had arthritis, some post surgical, but all needing a little extra love and healing.  

1052583_475081562582828_2124211994_oMolly receiving CST post spinal surgery helped decrease her inflammation and she was eating and walking after 1 treatment!

If there is a Dural Membrane and Cerebrospinal Fluid I will try to help any being that needs healing using Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy and the the healing life-force energies  from the universe.

These are short testimonials from my patients, written in their own words of their experience. I hope they are helpful in seeing the different aspects that CST, Restorative Yoga, and massage can help with.   I greatly appreciate my patients trust in me and for helping me bring this therapy out to the world.  It is a blessing for me to be able to help people and animals feel better in their bodies, even if only for a few moments…The CNS needs the “break”.

-Nicole, Holbrook, NY age: 20               “I started getting treatments from Kelly a few months ago due to migraines after I had brain surgery.  After a few appointments, I started to notice a big difference and my pain decreased and now I have little pain and hardly ever a debilitating migraine.  With CST, breath work, and yoga I am feeling much better.”

Ginny, Sound Beach, NY  age:  over 60       “For over a decade I was waking at night with numbness & tingling in my right hand. It was getting increasingly worse when my rheumatologist suggested I see Kelly. At first I was rather skeptical of her gentle touch and the exercises she recommended. How could they help me? But after about one to two months of regular visits (1x week then 1x every 2 weeks and so on)…I realized I was sleeping through the night–rarely wakened by numbness & tingling. I continue to see Kelly regularly and look forward to her gentle touch that helps afford me a good night’s sleep and reduced numbness and tingling down my arms. I also now know the correct exercises, stretches and restorative yoga poses to do to keep me in the best shape possible!”

Pat, Nags Head, NC age: over 50               “When I went for my first session of CranioSacral Therapy with Kelly I didn’t really know what to expect, other than a medical provider had recommended it to me, and, I attended her Restorative yoga Class regularly at the YMCA in Nags Head, NC.  I have a chronic neck injury, osteoporosis, and I am a recent (few years) post breast cancer survivor.  Having had aggressive chemotherapy and radiation therapy did not seem to ‘rattle’ Kelly at all.  She was sure the CranioSacral Therapy would help in some way within 1-4 sessions, believing in the person healing themselves, which, CranioSacral Therapy is capable of.  Kelly used her hands to relax both my body and Central Nervous System (CNS)by gently manipulating the area where my neck meets my skull.  Soon I noticed a heat building throughout my being and a soft warmth and colors entered my inter visual fields…shades of purple, chartreuse and rose.  I felt a light tingling sensation throughout my abdomen.  As I slowly cooled down, I felt a muscular and mental tiredness although, my muscles were not touched and my brain was calm.  The next day as this ‘wet noodle’ feeling in my head and body dissipated, I had a strong sense of peace and comfort both physically and mentally.  I realized gardening was easier that next day than ever before.  This experience completely amazed me.  The rolled up towel self help technique even changed my life.”

Reviews from Restorative Yoga students and staff (anonymous) from the class I teach at the YMCA in the outer banks of North Carolina.  Yogi’s range in age from 9-80 years old:

“Kelly is a wonderful yoga teacher.  She has a very caring personality and I always feel good after her classes”

“The instructor is outstanding-one of the best teachers I ever had”

“Members love Kelly and she makes each one feel important,  her class size averages 16 people, but she builds strong individual relationships and the class helps each other out as well, sharing props and laughing”

“Very positive work attitude, upbeat, happy, down to earth attitude. Always smiling!”

“Kelly is extremely knowledgeable of her fields and practices.  She loves to share with her members during class.  Many positive comments about how much people appreciate her attentiveness and caring attitude”

“Kelly takes initiative in situations rather than waiting passively to address the situation.  Always aware of health concerns and issues of members before class starts.  The members have different abilities and Kelly knows how to tactfully approach and make each member comfortable”

“Members come to class with a variety of physical issues that they hope Restorative Yoga will help them with, and remark that Kelly has helped them feel better.”