Always Sparkle Wellness Retreats

Sparkle Retreats are all about learning how to sparkle more on the inside and out through everything!  Having fun while being healthy at the same time.  Learning how to rejuvenate your body on your own so you can sustain a healthy and happy life.  Managing what you have in the healthiest way possible.

“Rustic Chic” is a term I use to describe the type of vacation/retreat that I am looking for….turns out that other’s are too!  It just took some time to get there.

While traveling throughout the world something I’ve come to realize is that there is very rarely the “middle price” for what I was looking for: Beautiful Beaches, Yoga, Kiteboarding, SUP, Accommodations, healthy food, ect….only very expensive spa types, that in my 20’s could not afford, or the “hostel” type where you hope for the best when paying $10 for a shared room of 15 people all around 20, yes it was fun.  

There is something special and cleansing that happens when you are able to get away from everything and go to a healing island paradise where the warm wind and ocean will naturally detox your body, mind, and spirit.  Adding activities that offer extra empowerment and focus on your own inner strength to overcome whatever you may be going through to get to that next level of happiness and peace in life really make these retreats different than others.  We provide highly skilled professionals to lead you through this emotional/mental and physical journey.

Kiteboarding, learning to control the kite, gives you a sense of control, which will bubble over into your life management skills.  For anyone who feels like they have “lost it”, this sport specifically will bring you back to you.  Even if you are not up on the board riding, just to control the kite is an amazing liberating feeling that you can feel and is difficult to put into words.  When I first started kiteboarding in 2008 my thought was “it was so powerful feeling the pull of the kite, and flopping on my face how am I going to do this”….and when things clicked it was such an amazing feeling of empowerment.  Yes it will take some time..I finally can stay upwind and I am a professional body dragger (you’ll get it when you do it)  I learned how to control this powerful thing, and then stand on a board and decide where to go on it…navigating my choices, my decisions, my life. Waves and wind can not be controlled, but, you can learn how to move your kite and board.  It is the same in life, there are bumps/waves but you go over them…the alternative is not an option.

Stand Up Paddleboarding, Snorkeling, Restorative Yoga, Kiteboarding, Breathing Techniques, Nutrition, CranioSacral Therapy, Counseling, and the ability to take care and manage what you have going on in your life all help in the growth process for you to live a happy and carefree life as possible.  The idea is to manage what you got the best you can!  So, when you get back to your lifestyle and daily routine….add in what you’ve learned and make your life easier and stress free.  

First Retreat will be coming to Turks and Caicos Island of Providenciales beginning in January 2017!  Jessica and Kelly will be hosting you during your stay with us at Sparkle Retreats.  Jessica Winkler is a Professional Kiteboarder, nature loving, and wellness aficionado fun woman.  Kelly Jocelyn Kreis is a CranioSacral Therapist, Structural Alignment specialist and Energy Healer….she also is a RN, LMT, RYT, CST.  Kelly loves Kiteboarding, and the beach, that is how she met Jessica.  Jessica really loved CranioSacral and Chakra Therapies.  Through their love of helping people feel better, managing what they have themselves, and the sports and therapies that make them feel better Jessica and Kelly have put together “Always Sparkle Retreats” bringing everything together….Health, Wellness, Fun, Fitness, and above all Friendship! Sparkle More!

Here are pictures of Jessica and Kelly having some fun at the beach in Mexico before kiteboarding, deciding what to eat for dinner in Merida, Mexico, and then some CranioSacral Therapy outside the villa in Progresso, Mexico for fun…We may have had a dance party before 🙂

Restorative Yoga, Stand Up Paddling and Snorkeling in the Mangroves and Coral Reefs, Kiteboarding (with Jessica Winkler), Beach Therapy Hikes, Morning and afternoon Beach Yoga, Restorative Yoga nightly, CranioSacral Therapy, Massage, CranioSacral and Structural Alignment in the warm ocean or pool, Healthy Food and Nutrition, Informative Health Sessions, Therapeutic Dance Parties, CranioSacral Circles, Structural Alignment self care techniques, Meditations, and many other activities will be going on at this retreat.  Private sessions are available at an additional cost for any of the therapies we offer.  

You will get a “Magic Manual” that includes the retreat schedule, nutrition information, specific stretches, chakra balancing, breathing techniques, reading self help list, Yoga poses, and more.  The Magic Manual is also your personal journal for the week to take notes in and write/draw and you will have your week with you forever.  You can have one on one attention from Jessica and Kelly to get specific health information customized for you and only you!  All you have to do is bring your family and friends, and be ready to have some fun healing and relaxation!

Therapists of all health types are encouraged to put their own groups together and reserve their own week, with their own clients, and have extra support from the Renova staff for specific health focused activities and fun water sports.

Families with special needs members are encouraged to come and enjoy the activities!  While their special member is attended to in the “Renova” way with licensed health care professionals,  who are trained in this newer way of healthcare….this allows for the guest to safely enjoy many of the same activites as other the other guests and have a full experience health vacation on their own.  

We will be putting together specific weeks for retreats so that people can be together in a therapeutic safe environment where everyone has been through similar experiences.  Some examples are PTSD, Depression, Processing Trauma’s, Anxiety (CNS overload), Women Empowerment Camps, Adolescent and child specific weeks, TBI and brain injuries (seizures) and others are soon to come!  

Here is what Long Bay Beach looks like with a warm ocean breeze.  When it’s windy the water is not much different, just a little chop.  It is shallow for miles out from beach, safe for learning kiteboarding and just floating in the water.


This is me (Kelly) kiteboarding at Jockey’s Ridge, Nags Head, NC.  My friend practicing some Restorative Yoga while she was going through a rough time.