Patient Advocate Liaison

Are you struggling to understand and navigate the medical care you or a loved one needs?  As a patient advocate liaison, I will be there to assist and guide you through the process to ensure that the optimal care and outcome is achieved.  All levels of healthcare, including Behavioral Health, I will fight for their best outcome.

Hospitalization, Inpatient Advocacy–   Is your loved one being admitted to a hospital and you can’t be there?  Is your family member hospitalized, or in a nursing facility, and you want to make sure everything really is being addressed?   Having a RN come to  advocate for your loved one can make all the difference!  Not only will it ensure proper care is being provided, it will alleviate the intense overall stress on you not being there.  This service is for ALL AGES and ANY ISSUE.

Doctor and Medical Appointments–  Going to the doctor does not have to be overwhelming.  Having a RN to accompany you, as your healthcare teammate, allows for a positive and informative appointment.  Taking notes, asking questions, and relaying updates to family members is only part of this.  Answering questions and supporting the client compassionately is always a top priority.  This service is for ALL AGES and ANY ISSUE.