Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Skeletal Alignment

 CranioSacral Therapy

The Craniosacral System consists of the membranes (Dural membranes) and Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) that surround and protect the Brain and Spinal Cord.  Dr. John Upledger D.O., O.M.M., Dr. W.G Sutherland D.O., and Franklyn Sills M.A., R.C.S.T, are a few of the founders of CranioSacral Biodynamics and CranioSacral Therapy. When CSF isn’t able to flow freely, there can be problems that arise throughout the entire body.  CSF cycles through the the CranioSacral system about 8-10 cycles per minute.  Franklin Sills referred to this movement as “the breath of life”.  When there is no movement there is no life in that being anymore. What drives this fluid movement? Medicine is unsure….we know it is the underlying Energy Systems. When they are in balance, homeostasis is achieved and the body is at it’s optimum health for that time.  CST allows for the Connective Tissue within our bodies to let go of old holding patterns allowing for correct skeletal and muscular alignment to take place.

The Central Nervous System (CNS) is made up of the Brain and Spinal Cord.  The CNS controls our entire body from biochemistry and feelings, to heartbeat and movement.  The Nerve Roots are also within the CNS and thus bathed in the CSF.  These nerve roots pass through the Dural Tube and out to the Peripheral Nervous System, which runs though out our body, allowing sensations from this therapy to be felt all over.  The body will adjust itself from the inside out for days after the treatment was received.  The adjustment can be held after just a few treatments, and years of physical and emotional discomfort can be relieved.  This therapy works with the structural alignment of the body,  the Energy Pathways through the body and the Spiritual aspect of the person within the body.


When body, mind, and spirit are worked on together, there are profound results in healing that take place. This therapy is a gentle method of detection and correction that encourages your own natural healing mechanisms to dissipate the negative effects of stress, anxiety, muscle and bone trauma, Emotional pain, Chronic pain, Neurological disabilities, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, TMJ dysfunction, Migraines and headaches, Scoliosis, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism, Motor-Coordination problems, acute whiplash, hospice care, and many other medical conditions.  In the hospital and with hospice patients this therapy as well as Energy Modalities brings them a sense of peace and calmness which significantly reduces their anxiety and pain.

Many painful diseases with no known cures CAN be managed with CranioSacral Biodynamics/Therapy.  This therapy decreases pain and inflammation.  This results in overall better well-being and positive outlook for the client.  The internal “life force” is balanced during this therapy, same “life force” as in Polarity Therapy, and the same as in Energy Balancing Modalities.  This is the hidden force that drives our cells to keep going…beyond the CSF rhythm…..there are energy centers.  CranioSacral Therapy revitalizes the body from the inside out.  This light touch therapy is done fully clothed so please dress comfortably.  Often gentle rocking can also help release restrictions.  

My treatments consist of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Structural Realignment and Crystal’s to help enhance the cellular movement of the energies within us.  This restores the body to it’s best functioning state, where it can repair and restore itself of any physical and emotional trauma.  I also work with animals and have had only success with them…ranging from dogs to a tame wild boar “if there is a CranioSacral System (dural membranes and CSF) to work with, I will try to help the animal”.


Molly receiving CST post spinal surgery helped her inflammation decrease and she was eating and walking after 1 treatment 🙂

Follow my blog to read more about restoring the body and CNS with CST and Breathing.  


Renova offers a $20 discount to all Military Personal and Veterans, come and experience this amazing renewal of your nervous system


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