Kitesurfing Specific CST, Yoga, Massage


Are you a kitesurfer, surfer, SUP, or any type of athlete that needs some structural alignment and stretching after a big day of playing?  If this sounds like you, then I am your therapist.  Being a kitesurfer, when it’s windy, you kite, no matter how sore your muscles are, and you worry about it after, in the hot tub….sometimes, the hot tub is just not enough.  Using different massage techniques (usually NMT/TP) with some joint mobilization, light stretching, and CranioSacral Therapy you can feel relief (within an hour) and be ready to do it all over again the next day!  I will help evaluate your postural habits and give you specific stretches and exercises to keep you on the up no matter what your “water work day”….And, now you have your own knowledge of stretches and points on your body (best and tailored to you) to help the muscles to release and relax.  


Me kiting at Jockey’s Ridge


If you have a retreat in the Long Island area, price is dependent on how many people in the group, travel distance, what types of services your group is looking for.  I also work on children, elderly, and pets, just ask and we can figure it out.  Have Fun!

Here is a picture showing the Psoas and QL muscles, our main core flexor and extensor, that are usually the main culprits of problems, simple stretches and yoga exercises can have them release easily for your comfort everyday!

Psoas Stretch

Psoas Stretch


Restorative Yoga small groups is a great way to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of “work” on the water.  Or for the members of your group that are not kiting or playing hard, it is relaxing and helps with spinal alignment and sleep.