Health & Wellness Coordination-What’s going on with me?

Have you been going through the traditional medical system for months, years, or any amount of time that is too long and nothing is better with the original problem and now some things are actually worse?  Unfortunately, this can happen no matter how on top of things you with your healthcare.

I wrote this page over 5 years ago, except for the following:  “It happened to me in 2017, after a car accident, I was in with an Orthopedic Surgeon dragging my feet for a year of extra pain and ridiculous procedures and I should’ve been with a Neurosurgeon….the Ortho never even mentioned it once, and with all my experience, I was in so much pain just surviving, it never occurred to me that I was with the wrong doctor. I was getting treated….it just wasn’t the best and correct treatment for me, I needed a new doctor.  I knew that the best doctor is inside me, we always know what is going on, I had to listen to my gut and go Neuro not Ortho.”

Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy can detect what the “problem” is within the beings body. I use being because I work on animals as well so I can’t just say person here.  Basically if there is a Dural Membrane and Cerebrospinal Fluid system, I will be able to assess what is the underlying issue causing everything to be going on.  A lot of the time it is an injury that has happened so long ago and has been forgotten about, or, it is some type of tissue memory and repressed trauma to a specific body area.

Chakra balancing, Energy balancing, and gentle rocking are also used during the treatment to help determine the area of trauma.

I do a long patient intake, treatment, and then a discussion of how the treatment felt and what they felt and what I felt.  I feel the smallest cellular vibrations of each cell “chatting” with the neighbor cell, as well as the flow of the Cerebrospinal Fluid.

The cost of this initial evaluation is $150, lasts about 75 minutes, and allows for enough time for open communication and health care options that I can assist the patient with. Some examples include finding the correct specialist, surgeon, comparing what doctors have said what, reading medical lingo from MRI’s and other scans, and discussing alternative changes as well like nutrition and relaxation exercises.  ONE STOP SHOP!

Stress tends to be the cause of a lot of unexplained diseases and dysfunctions of the body.  Learning to control the CNS by breathing and thought processes can decrease the amount of CNS overload.  When the CNS is in this long term of Neurogenic Shock (on a much smaller level but longer time) stress is still being caused all the time on the CNS on top of the regular daily things.  This can manifest physically in the body, especially once the body is overloaded and just CAN’T take anymore no matter what.  This leads to our body physically and mentally beginning to breakdown.  Sleep Problems, Anxiety, Stomach Problems like digestive and high acid issues, Colon problems, and Inflammation can begin.  Eventually, everything is snowballing out of control.  I like to bring everything back, one step at a time if necessary, to get to the original issue that caused the snowball.  There, underneath all these newer issues that have started, is the epicenter of the trauma.  It’s a different way than traditional case management….I have to find the Sparkle!!