Pain, Essential Oils, Medications

You can choose to feel pain, and move forward, or go numb, pretend it didn’t happen. The same is true with which poison (drug) people pick to ease their pain; alcohol, opiates, cocaine all numb you, while Cannabis allows you to feel the pain at a lesser level and manage your emotions.  When you numb yourself out, the emotional aspect of living goes down a black hole of sadness and inability to feel or process emotions correctly.  Breath work and CST can help rebalance the CNS allowing feelings to resurface and life to begin again.

A huge unknown fact about CANNABIS…THERE ARE NO CELL RECEPTORS IN THE MEDULLA OBLONGATA (that is the area of our brain that manages our breathing, heart rate, important things that we don’t have to think about).  No where in the brain or body is there a “control” area for the CSF movement and flow, it comes from a deeper divine power, and that is the medicine inside of us.  There are cell receptors everywhere else in our bodies for THC, so, there is no wonder why no one has overdosed on only Cannabis, there is always a mix of medicine/drugs involved.  People will always keep breathing if Cannabis is used alone.  Legal ETOH (Alcohol) completely numbs our whole brain, which is why people can “black out” and still be functioning to some extent.  Very unsafe, no surprise that there are tons of accidents, diseases, deaths, and family disfunction due to Alcohol alone….add in some Opiates or Crystal Meth and the incident rate is higher and more severe.

Cannabis allows you to feel the pain and emotions, but, at a lesser level so you can function.  The higher concentrates that are out now are being used to detox Opiate patients and ETOH patients instead of the usual detox medications, allowing the patient to feel and process the detox in a safe way, and not completely numbed out in a zombie like state.  My older patients are finding relief for their arthritis and many other issues as well, while still being able to stay awake!  They know their worst case scenario is that they might eat more than usual (due to Cannabis dropping the blood sugar slightly) and then go to sleep.  Safely sleeping, breathing, and having a break from pain.

Pranyama practice, sound therapy, and yoga asanas do the same for you…allow you to feel and process that physical and emotional pain, so it does not get stuck in your cells. Breath in what you need and breath out what you don’t.


The use of essential oils (plant derived oils) added to massage and or energy therapy to promote relaxation, encourage healing of mind, mood, cognitive function and overall health.  Oils can be taken internally for many purposes as well… make personalized sprays so you can inhale the water and essential oils directly into your lungs…. especially helpful when feeling an illness coming on.


Some oils to be careful with

  Clove:  immune system inhancer, high in antioxidants **not for people taking blood-thinners**