Chakra Balancing and Trauma Reconciliation

Chakra Balancing

energeticIs based on Ayurvedic principles, a medicine system native to India. The use of light touch on or above specific areas of the body that correlate to an endocrine gland. There are seven specific areas referred to as Chakras (wheels of light and health). Each area is responsible for a specific aspect of health and or emotional state. The seven areas are, the top of  the head, between the brow, on the  throat, on the chest, between the ribs, below the navel and on the pubic bone. The concept of this therapy is to create emotional and physical balance and facilitate healing back to homeostasis….the bodies’ optimum that allows it to function correctly.

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Energy Modalities


WHAT IS ENERGY BALANCING?                 1017698_563740953667572_53647743_n

“Everything moves, everything changes, all things flow…Awareness is now”

~Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Energy Balancing is a form of “bodywork” a gentle hands on alternative therapy that promotes health and balance in the body. It holds its roots in ancient times this form of health care dates back over 5000 years to early civilizations in China, Japan and India. Energy based medicine along with herbs and meditation are believed to be the oldest health care system in the world.  When these are able to balance and work correctly together our bodies and mind work together better.

Traumatic experiences, either physical or emotional, can become “trapped” within our cells and bones.  Our nervous system ends up dealing with more input all the time and is in a dysfunction of extra energy….this can cause psychological and physical issues of many forms all dealing with the Central Nervous System and it’s not being able to function at it’s optimum.  Some examples of disturbances or dysfunction of the CNS are PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Nerve Inflammation, Sleep issues, Digestive issues, and Nerve Inflammation.  All of these issues add and play into each other and cause a loop of many different dysfunctions if not addressed correctly. Many people I see have been through the US “traditional Medical” route already and have been left with no where else to turn, so then, I get a phone call or a referral from a physician.

For Trauma Reconciliation of any type I, Kelly K., use CranioSacral Therapy, Universal Energy, Chakra’s and Meridians, and my intuition to put together a healing treatment that unwinds the body through the Musculo-Skeletal system, Nervous System and Energy Meridians.  I also provide exercises and breathing practices that will continue to open the body, balance the Chakra’s and Energy Meridians, while sitting or laying in a Structural Restorative pose to help the person on their healing.

Re-establishing the Central Nervous System’s ability to function correctly and restoring homeostasis to our body, mind, and spirit.  Universal Energy is that Divinity in all of us, the Holy Spirit, the “Breath of Life”it has been referred to in Osteopathic medicine….the Rhythm of the Cerebrospinal Fluid is not generated in the Medulla Oblongata, where our heart rate, breathing and other autonomic rhythms are generated.  Science today has not found what “controls” the rhythm, well, I am sure it comes from above.  Part of the Universal Energy that connects us all together to the Spiritual and Energy world that we can not see….but we can feel.

Being a physics lover I never forget that an object in motion is easier to stay in motion than an object that must have a force to be put in motion. This made me think of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Meridians (energy pathways) and Thai Chi movements that people do, they keep “it” moving all the time. This Pranha (energy inside us), our bodies, and our mind is always moving and we NEED to keep it that way. Our CSF must flow freely through the CNS to ensure ultimate health…Restorative Yoga can help with this too. Learning to manage what you have and try anything to get you to that next level of healing is the bottom line of preventing anything else from happening. Keep your body restored everyday with good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and breathing. Always keep trying. I will never forget my first CST session and what it taught me about loving yourself, love for others, cellular trauma, and the beings/energies we can’t see but can feel, and then can’t deny.


We are all living breathing moving  bodies with thousands of functions happening all at once. The body is constantly sending signals between organ systems on many levels , all the way down to cellular and even microscopic levels “atoms”. Some of these signals are hormonal some chemical and some energetic . Cells are always in motion and communication with each other and the Central Nervous System. The human body is in constant  moment or vibration. Different frequencies and wavelengths of energy are constantly moving throughout our cells, causing our body to constantly readjust itself.  Not everyone is consciously aware of this, but, it is going on weather you choose to “believe” it or not.  Sometimes it shows up as a feeling of discomfort, sick, pain or sometimes it can show up as joy, happiness, comfort.  Either way we are feeling a change in frequency of our body and that can be adjusted when needed.  Our bodies and mind must make movements or changes to achieve and maintain equilibrium, optimum balance, homeostasis.

When the body is not achieving this it becomes dis-eased, the longer out of balance the more ill we can become. When energy channels are blocked or the Cerebrospinal Fluid flow is impinged, the dis-eased body becomes diseased and sick.  Energy balancing works on the subtlest energies in our bodies. It is gentle but profound work that addresses the person as a whole… the  mind, body and spirit.  Our nervous system is along the same pattern of channels of energy that have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, everything relates.  Psychiatric problems can often be helped with this type of work because it it balancing out the entire body through the Central Nervous System.


Through a gentle hands on and sometimes hands just above the body, light touch is applied to specific pressure points and energy centers of the body, it allows for stimulating the movement of Chi (energy) that runs through our entire physical and spiritual body.   It works reflectively with the endocrine and nervous systems to encourage self-healing, body alignment and regulate homeostasis.  It is almost like a re-booting or rearrangement of the Central Nervous System, which, begins the healing process from the inside out. Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy is similar to Energy Balancing more than you may think… is this eternal life force within us that drives and keeps us going as beings, as well as the Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhythm…which, it is still unknown what controls or tells the CSF to keep flowing physiologically and anatomically.


The practitioner will lay their hands gently on your body in various areas, usually along the abdomen, hips, back, head and feet. it may be done siting but usually received laying down. It can be received alone, in conjunction with massage therapy, and yoga.

During a session the therapist may apply pressure to specific points or simply hold their hand over an area for  a period of time. You are encouraged to take deep breaths and just  be.  Feel the experience and what is going on inside of you.  Gentle rocking is also used to help correct imbalances.  Energy work moves and stimulates your own energy to correct blocks and imbalances that may be causing pain or dysfunction.

This therapy is helpful with stagnation and general overall “blah feeling”.  You don’t  get more energy from the practitioner you get your own energy Meridians and Chakras balanced which does give you more energy.  It allows your body to work at it’s optimum.

The treatment usually causes deep relaxation. As the nervous system unwinds you may find your self experiencing vivid memories, slight twitching or tingling of extremities, flush of heat or cold to certain areas of the body, but, most often simply becoming relaxed and or falling asleep.

Energy Therapies

These alternative bodywork  therapies hold their roots in ancient medicine, based on the oldest health care systems in the world. They date  back over 5000 years to China, India, Japan and many eastern cultures. We offer several different energy balancing techniques

  • Shiatsu uses energy principles of  eastern medicine to maintain balance within the body and mind. pressure to specific points along a meridian (energy path) allows Chi (energy) to flow throw out the body restoring balance. Shiatsu is preformed on a floor mat incorporating passive stretching.
  • Chakra Balancing 
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Reflexology is application of specific pressure, movements and massage to the feet. Reflexology is based on the concept that all organ systems and body parts are accessible throw reflex points in the feet hands and ears. By manipulating these specific areas one can improve health throughout the body.


The use of quartz and other crystals placed along energy meridians and chakras. Crystals have been used for centuries as a healing tool, they increase energy frequencies, accelerate healing, help release stress and improve mental clarity. The use of positive affirmations during this treatment encourages self empowerment. This modality can be combined with anything.  The crystals will enhance the energetic vibrations within our bodies to help remove and balance energy (physical and emotional imbalances).



Acupuncture                                                           Acupressure, Shiatsu

Reiki                                                                          Chakra Balancing

Yoga & Qi Gong                                                      Yoga and Breathwork

Polarity Therapy                                                   Crystals during CST for Trauma Reconciliation