Central Nervous System Overactivity

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Central Nervous System Overload is a term that I use to describe what happens to our bodies when our CNS becomes constantly inundated with information that it can’t fully “process” or even begin to “fix” or manage it.  There is not enough time between stimulations of what our bodies consider “stress”, to allow for small “repairs” and rest of the CNS.  CranioSacral Therapy and Restorative Yoga “jump start” this process by allowing the body to go into deep, restorative sleep during therapy.  These therapies help to re-educate our CNS to relax so our bodies can heal themselves.  They also help bring personal awareness to where “the problem” may be.

If problems persist in our body or mind, they will manifest physically and stronger as time goes on.  When our body can’t take anymore (CNS Overload) there is some type of breakdown that begins.  From what I have seen since doing this therapy Sleep problems, Pains, and Stomach dysfunctions (overly acidic) are the usual manifestations of too much stimulation going on and not enough recovery.

The culture of today is that of a “go go go” and don’t stop.  We don’t allow ourselves time to “Just Be” and take a little break.  There is too much stimulation coming in to the CNS and the CNS can’t recover and process everything which is CNS Overload.  We actually have to give ourselves permission and then re-educate our CNS to relax and repair.  This allows for the body to function at it’s best along with the spirit and mind.  Biodynamic CST, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Rolls, Breath, and Bhakti yoga can all help you learn to relax and enjoy yourself more on a daily basis.

Having a morning routine of specific exercises is a great way to start each day.  I have one and truly believe that if I hadn’t started doing my routine in 2009, my neck injury and back would be a mess due to CNS overload and structural misalignment.  This allows me to realign my body and mind everyday because I know the best exercises for my body and can maximize time, so it only is 15 minutes in the morning.  I think everyone has that amount of time, I drink my coffee during it sometimes.  When we maximize the most effective movements and thoughts for ourselves, our bodies can “reboot” our Central Nervous System and feel more at ease and comfortable in ourselves.