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Kelly Jocelyn Kreis: RN, BS, CST, RYT, LMT  

My Blog:   https://craniosacralrenova.wordpress.com

Stony Brook, NY   Cell: 516-381-0276  

FB page: Renova Always Sparkle Wellness                  email: KJK@renovarenewal.me                

Linked In: Kelly Jocelyn Kreis                                          Instagram:KJKrenova

Myles and myself at our favorite beach in Strongs Neck, Long Island, NY

Kelly Is a graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY and is a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist, Nationally Board Certified in Massage and Bodywork, and CranioSacral Therapy Certified. Kelly furthered her education at Suffolk County Community College with an AAS in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse in NY, NC, and FL.  Kelly also holds a BS In Marine Biology from the University of Rhode Island. After a 2nd car accident (small fender bender in stop and go traffic), left her with a painful neck injury she found relief and recovery through various Massage and Energy Based Modalities, Yoga, Acupuncture, Neurologic Chiropractics, CranioSacral Therapy, Swimming in conjunction with Western Medicine.

Kelly is a strong believer in Holistic Health Care, Alternative Medicine, and the power of the individual to heal from within.  Kelly received a 300 hour Teacher Certification in Bhakti Yoga with a focus towards Reiki, health, and wellness in November of 2012.  Kelly also studied 60 hours of Restorative Yoga teacher training at Kripalu in Lenox, MA, and in February 2013 certified Restorative Yoga Instructor. In 2016 Kelly was awarded a MA in Alternative Psychology through the MINDS program and is learning that modality of Psychology. After completing a certificate from UCLA Anderson in Global Entrepreneurship Kelly is planning on taking Renova Always Sparkle Wellness Internationally incorporating healing modalities with nature and sports.

Kelly is now working with structural re-alignment techniques, and sleep restoration using Restorative yoga and CranioSacral Therapy together.  Come check out her Restorative Yoga, Renova Roll Relaxation Technique and the Always Sparkle Renova Retreats that will be planned for 2017 for body, mind, and spirit restoration.  

I would rather feel pain then feel nothing at all, I don’t let my neck injury get me down.  I will never ‘numb myself out’ to where I don’t feel anything but depressed and hopeless.  I still enjoy kiteboarding, stand up paddling, surfing, skiing, and many other sports……don’t stop moving, and don’t ever give up hope.  Through Restorative yoga and Pranyama and of course CST, I have been able to manage my  own neck nerve CNS injury and most recently my arm.  Keep breathing and keep going and you will get through anything, that is what I’ve always done and continuously learn more of.  I enjoy teaching others my now techniques of body alignment classes using restorative yoga and CST, it really is such a blessing to watch people learn to manage what they have, and even get more movement and understanding of chronic pain and Trauma.” 

“I fell in love with massage through my own injury, and I embrace every chance to provide healing and relief to others. I work on a physical emotional and spiritual level to facilitate the complete well-being of the individual.  Through structural realignment, Craniosacral Therapy and re-training of the Central Nervous System on how to relax the body is given the opportunity to heal from within. I believe that every being can heal from within and I have seen miracles happen with my own eyes especially with those that are willing to heal”

 “It’s not easy but some one has to manage the body you are in!   I can teach you how to deal with this better by helping you manage your emotions and pain symptoms…I had to do it myself and I am happy to share this with you all.”

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